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Bardia Gaida Camp, Nepal Offers a world class hospitality experience in the heart of Bardia National Park.

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Bardia Gaida Camp

Bardia Gaida Camp


We are bardia Gaida Camp,

Bardia Gaida Camp is a state of art hospitality facility located in Thakurbaba municipality Bardia. It is a resort situated in the heart of the Bardia National Park. It has the history of serving guests in Bardia. The guests are provided with the very lucrative amenities during the stay in the resort. From treks, jungle safaris to bird watching we have so much to offer. We are not just a resort but we are a culturally rich hospitality organisation always ready to serve you. We will be so happy to serve you. Here, at Bardia Gaida Camp , we take our guests as a great value and make sure that they will be able to experience the every bit of finest service and hospitality during their stay. The Guests are provided with a very comfortable room varying in additional services according to the needs.

Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park is a protected area in Nepal that was established in 1988 as Royal Bardia National Park. Covering an area of 968 km2 (374 sq mi) it is the largest and most undisturbed wilderness area in Nepal's Terai, adjoining the eastern bank of the Karnali River in the Bardiya District. The northern limits of the protected area are demarcated by the crest of the Siwalik Hills. The Nepalgunj-Surkhet highway partly forms the southern boundary, but seriously disrupts the protected area. Natural boundaries to human settlements are formed in the west by the Geruwa, a branch of the Karnali River, and in the southeast by the Babai River. Together with the neighboring Banke National Park, the coherent protected area of 1,437 km2 (555 sq mi) represents the Tiger Conservation Unit (TCU) Bardia-Banke that extends over 2,231 km2 (861 sq mi) of alluvial grasslands and subtropical moist deciduous forests.

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Our Accomodation and services :

The Bardia Gaida Camp is close to the centre of Thakurdwara village of Bardia district and is located on the peaceful, read-edged banks of the gently-flowing Karnali river. The entrance to the national park is situated in Thakurbaba Municipality and the village is the base for visitors to start exploring Bardia. ti lies 600 km west and south of Kathmandu and can be reached by bus, car, plane or raft-whatever your preference. We are commited to provide the finest service to our guests and do not compromise in the hospitality of our guests.We offer various rooms in accordance to the need of the guests for their comfortness.
Along with the stay we provide a very delicious fooding service. Our staffs are the pioneers in the tharu typical cultural food. We prepare various meal-courses to lunch and dinner as per our menu and we can customise it for the covinience of the guests. Tharu Culural food is the thing not to be missed while in bardia. We have our talented chefs to providde you with the typical taste of the tharu cuisines and keep you having healthy food.
The Tharu cultural dance and culture show is also a not to miss thing in Bardia and we are very proud to present the culural acts and shows with our guests in their demand. The cultural dance show is one of the most entertaining part of the Bardia stay for any of the guests and we make sure that our guests will get the every bit of the Tharu Culture & tradition while staying here.
Camping and Jungle safaris are also the most exciting things to do during the Bardia Stay. We make the beautiful arrangements for our guests and we have our packages and also customise the packages accoring to the need of our guests.
We are very excited to welcome you to, Bardia Gaida Camp.


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Bardia Gaida Camp

Bardia Gaida Camp

Thakurbaba-9 , Bardia Nepal



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